About Company

The DKI Group is a privately owned Danish company that has been an order-producing sub-contractor of plastic components to the industrial market since its incorporation in 1946 under the name Dansk Kunststof Industri. From a modest start as one of the pioneers of the Danish plastics industry, DKI has developed into an internationally recognized future – and development oriented Company working in close cooperation with its customers.


Today, DKI has about 250 employees at its factory in Zilina/Slovakia.

  • Working in very close cooperation with our customers by early supplier envolvement, all the way from the very early start of ideas, through R&D and tool construction to the final production process, end control and final delivery.
  • Follow the checklist for the whole development process so that any time consuming failures and amendments are avoided.
  • Focused on smallest details, including the options available to make your product more cost effective, or to make the product assembly more simple.
  • Propose the necessary design changes. Then we propose the plastic type that is best suited for the mechanical, electrical, thermal and chemical requirements and under consideration of environmental responsibility.

Our thorough knowledge of the working methods and equipment in connection with complete or partial assembly means that we guarantee you the best and most cost effective complete solution.

DKI Plast has valuable and very deep collaboration with many selected suppliers. This means that we always have an updated knowledge on the development of new materials and machines. This will benefit you when developing your product.

Our main benefits

Advanced Technologies

With advanced technologies, like linear axis robots, or industrial six-axis robots, you can carefully unload the parts from injection machines, in the same time, and with the same quality of each of the parts.

Even in the case of complicated moulds, where it is not easy to unload part of it from the tool, you can depend on our six-axis robots. Additional technology can be applied, such as robotic gluing or automated inspection etc.

Tradition & Experience

It is good to know, that experts are on your side. With every project our customers can benefit from our expertise. Recommendations from our technical and project managers can improve at the initial phases such as estimating the cost of the finished product, tooling and tooling life time. Almost 70 years of experience with plastics production, is the advantage you can rely on.

Proven Suppliers

This is all about selection. Our partners are always carefully selected companies with a strong tradition, because our success depends on the right choices. It starts from Raw Material selection, continues with Tooling and Machines suppliers and ending with logistics services.

Wide Range

Our range of injection moulding machines can produce items for our customers’ products in various sizes, features, and plastic materials. From small and light parts with a weight of a few grams up to 9000 grams.

Take benefit from our unique combination of tools, with extrusion and other processes, which we have all in one place.

Strategical Location

Closer to you, our production plant is located at the heart of Europe – the Slovak Republic.

Situated between the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine with a perfect infrastructure.

Main benefits:

  • Stabile economic environment
  • EURO currency
  • Reasonable production cost
  • Experienced, well trained & committed labour
  • Area with a strong engineering tradition
  • Developed infrastructure


Sit back and relax. You are in first class hands. We are involved in every phase of production, starting with Early predevelopment, Consultancy, Tooling manufacturing and Modification, through to Assembly, Packaging and Logistics.