Quality and environmental policy

DKI Plast is a company that manufactures plastic products using technologies such as injection moulding, profile extrusion and assembly using various additional technologies. Based on the needs and demands of customers and own aims, the company management pursues the following objectives:

  • company activities, products and services comply with the legal regulations for environment protection, work health and safety and other relevant regulations
  • ensure customer satisfaction by fulfilling the requirements of the quality management system, with emphasis on the communication with customers and concerned parties
  • constantly improve the efficiency of the management system
  • improve the skills of employees through training
  • using process optimization as the main tool for improvement of the production standard and labor productivity
  • apply the principles of pollution prevention and improvement of the environment on the basis of:
    1. the reduction of waste production
    2. prevention of soil pollution and groundwater pollution
    3. to minimize air pollution
    4. by saving natural resources and energy
  • active cooperation with our suppliers to ensure the quality of our products