The consortium behind the “Innomold” wants to introduce a completely new technology for injection molding of plastics. By combining magnetic and non-magnetic materials in the molding tool is consortium developing a method in which the induction heating is used for an extremely fast and accurate heating of the molds. This will make it possible to get the plastics to flow further into the mold and deeper into the microstructures than what has been possible until now. This method will give a very brief heating of a thin surface layer so that heat quickly leds away and the production speed can be maintained.

The technique will have a number of advantages and among the expected effects are increased quality of plastic products (fewer suctions, internal tensions, etc.), lower energy and material consumption, as well as opening for new applications of plastic components with micro and nanostructures surface molded in a uniquely high quality.

Advantages of using Innomold:

  • The pressure, required to fill a given mold, falls and therefore less engine power is used to produce the same item.
  • By the use of the same equipment a more thin-walled items may be produced, thus saving both plastic material and energy.
  • Lower pressure during molding reduces internal stresses in the items. This means more precise items and less waste.
  • When the molding material itself runs into a form of micro or nanostructures on the surface, the item surface is much better and more accurately copied.

The project is supported by the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation (RTI) and is ran by a number of Danish companies and research organizations: Lego System A/S, DKI Plast A/S, Kaleido Technology ApS, Multi- Wing International A/S, Uddeholm A/S, GN Resound A/S, Institute for Product Development and DTU Mechanics.

Please contact us for more information or see the website: