Ultra melt

Ultramelt is a developed and patented system for optimization of injection molding process that can also be used in extrusion.

Ultramelt affects the melt with ultrasound during the injection, thereby enabling a temporary reduction of the polymer viscosity during injection of the plastic mold and the extrusion process.

Ultramelt system is being integrated directly into the molding tool or retrofitted on existing tools. There are no modification requirements for the injection molding machine.

Advantages of using Ultramelt:

  • Extended polymer flow path
  • Reduction of injection time
  • Reducing the closing pressure (same form can run on smaller machines)
  • Reduction of injection pressure
  • Material savings (smaller thickness)
  • Energy saving
  • Increased replication value
  • Ability to use materials with low flow index where it previously was not possible to fill the mold

Preliminary test trials have shown great potential in plastics processing.

  • Melt viscosity reduced up to 60%
  • The flow path extended up to 200%
  • Injection time reduced by 45%

Ultramelt can be licensed for plastic producers and manufacturers of plastic items. Please contact us for more information.

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