Ultravisc is sensor-based ultrasound viscosity control for extrusion of recycled plastic. Ultravisc research project completed in September 2011 and the product developed in collaboration with a number of external partners: Cherry Pipes (UK), Polinter (Spain), Total Sigma Measurements (Ireland), UK Materials and UK Matri (UK), Sirri (Belgium) and Queens University Belfast (UK).

Advantages of using Ultravisc:

  • Easy extrusion of recycled plastic
  • Steady flow path of extremely variable polymer melt
  • Steady, fully automated production process
  • Cost savings of up to 225 Euro/t
  • Reduced downtime
  • Material savings
  • Reduced amount of spilled material
  • Energy saving

Ultravisc will be available in the form of license for plastics manufacturers that extrude or wishes to extrude with recycled plastic. Please contact us for more information.

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